Recent Transportable Homes

Tirau Farmhouse

We recently built a 3-bedroom transportable home, delivering it to and siting it on the edge of a farm in Tirau.

Farm owner Shane Wallace is now bringing in additional income by renting the house out.

Beach Bach

The owners of a large home in Mount Maunganui came to us to build a ‘second dwelling’ at the rear of their section. The 2-bedroom transportable home was designed for the grandkids and other family to stay during their frequent holidays at the beach!

In some NZ regions including the Bay of Plenty, the law now allows landowners to add a second dwelling on their land of up to 60m² without needing to sub-divide. (This is merely the size of the interior area; you can add a deck/verandah to it!)

We have transportable homes in this size, and this was one of them, so the owners did not need to sub-divide the section to add the ‘beach bach’.

We also put in all the services – connecting plumbing, power etc. – to save the owners time and hassle.